Arley Hall Wedding Photography – Lauren and Martin

Arley Hall Wedding Photography

Arley Hall is one of those venues that any photographer would be happy to work at every day.  With its vast gardens, greenhouses and manicured symmetrical topiary motorways, this place is made for producing beautiful Arley Hall Wedding Photography.

I can’t say that I wasn’t a little disappointed to arrive at the same time as the rain. But it didn’t stop Lauren and Martin venturing into the gardens. And in fact, the interior of Arley hall is just as special. The light reflected off the wood panelling from the tall windows is a joy to work with. And there is enough space to work the angles and make the most of the light spilling in from the front of the building.

Lauren finished getting ready at Arley Hall and made her way down the spectacular staircase to the waiting string quartet and wedding guests below. After the civil wedding, they made their way to the chapel on the estate for a blessing and then back to the big house. Due to the rain, I rigged up a couple of lights and we did the group photos inside in true English fashion.

After the wedding breakfast the rain was still present but Lauren and Martin were really keen to have some Arley Hall Wedding Photography in the gardens. So we got the umbrellas out and went for a stroll. We created lots of portraits in this short time, some of which you can see below, but it was also a nice little break for Lauren and Martin to get a bit of fresh air and time together away from the wedding before the evening reception.

A different take on Arley Hall Wedding Photography

As a creative I love to work with symmetry and look for balance in my compositions. I also love to work with the light and make the most of any contrast within a scene to emphasise the subject and highlight the story in the image. Arley Hall was perfect for my style and I had a field day looking for pockets of light as well as symmetry in the rooms and gardens. All in all my first experience of Arley Hall Wedding Photography was an absolute joy and I would love to shoot there again any time. So if you’re getting married at Arley give me a shout and we can meet up for a chat.

Arley Hall is situated near to Mere and Knutsford in the Rolling Cheshire Countryside.

Arley Hall and Gardens
string quartet
registrar at the wedding
Arley Hall Wedding ceremony
Arley Hall Wedding room
Arley Hall chapel
Arley Hall Wedding Photography
portrait at arley gardens
Arley Hall Wedding Photography
Photographer Portraits
speeches in Cheshire
Best man's speech
cutting cake
first dance

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