Wedding Photography at the Shireburn Arms

A Rustic Winter Wedding at the Shireburn Arms

Wedding Photography at the Shireburn Arms

Having been there before I was really looking forward to some Wedding Photography at the Shireburn Arms, even though it was the middle of winter!

Sometimes you have to wait until winter to get the kind of light that photographers dream of whilst asleep and hope for most hours of the day. The weather is often a big talking point when planning a wedding and it rarely does what it’s told. So to have the good light at the right time of day is a bit of a rare thing in the wedding photography world.

It was a frosty morning and the sun was bright and low in the sky. The air was crisp and the sky was blue. Katie and Christian were getting married. The venue dressing accompanied by the warm winter light set the tone for an intimate and emotional wedding. Accompanied by their young son, Katie and Christian celebrated with those closest to them and had the best time.

Shireburn Arms Wedding Photography

I began the day photographing the bridal preparations and meeting Katie and Christian’s son Sebastian. Who, despite the photo below, was a dream all day long and had enough attention to keep him entertained. After the wedding the guests bombarded the happy couple with some artificial snow before we headed out into the field for a few minutes of portraits before the wedding breakfast. When we had met a couple of weeks previously I had worked out where the sun would be at different times of the wedding day and had a few ideas of what we could do. I had advised them to bring wellies which thankfully they were happy to do. It really opened up our options for the portraits.

The Shireburn Arms is a 17th Century Inn located in the Clitheroe area of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. It is the home of the Tolkien Trail which is said to be Tolkien’s inspiration for Hobbiton. The walk takes you around the area and past Stoneyhurst College, through the mines of Moria (joking), and back along the riverside.

wedding photography at the shireburn arms
shireburn arms wedding photography
groom fixing botton holes
shireburn photography arms wedding
bride in wedding dress at the arms of shireburn
crying at the wedding, tears photo
wedding photos shireburn arms
lovely moment caught by the photographer
down the aisle at the shireburn
confetti in lancashire, clitheroe wedding, shireburn arms
close up confetti photo
image of boquet
silhouette at the shireburn arms wedding in winter
winter sun in ribble valley, shireburn arms, not legs.
table decoration
kissing in the field
wedding photography at the shireburn arms

Anyway, enough waffle. If you’re looking for an experienced photographer for your wedding photography at the Shireburn Arms please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’ve been to The Shireburn Arms several times but I’m very impressed with the different perspective you’ve give this venue. You certainly have a good eye for a creative photo. Fantastic work Steven.

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