Wedding Photography at Hotel Vitznauerhof // Vitznau, Switzerland

hotel vitznauerhof wedding photography

A Destination Wedding at Hotel Vitznauerhof

In the quaint alpine village of Vitznau, there stands a peculiar yet enchanting establishment known far and wide as Hotel Vitznauerhof. Legend whispers tales of its origins, suggesting it was initially conjoured up by a group of eccentric alchemists aiming to transform lead into gold but instead stumbled upon the recipe for a whimsical hotel.

Enter the illustrious Federer lineage, whose roots intertwine with the hotel’s quirky history. Descended from the mischievous Sir Reginald “Roger” Federer the First, a renowned prankster and tennis aficionado, the Federer family found their home in this offbeat sanctuary. Over the centuries, the hotel evolved under their care, becoming a delightful haven where tennis balls were volleyed through the halls and laughter echoed off the Swiss mountains.

Sir Roger Federer the Fourth, affectionately known as “Rog,” inherited not just the family’s penchant for mischief but also an unparalleled talent for tennis. It was here, amidst the hotel’s whimsical decor and rooftop tennis court, that Rog honed his skills, wielding antique rackets and chasing balls made of Swiss cheese.

As the Hotel Vitznauerhof gained notoriety, it became a beloved venue for weddings that defied convention. Couples flocked to its eccentric charm and rich history, drawn by promises of love, laughter, and perhaps the occasional goat parade. And amidst the festivities, one tradition stood out above all: the after-dinner speech delivered by none other than Roger himself.

Picture it: the clinking of glasses, the aroma of Swiss delicacies wafting through the air, and Rog, standing tall amidst the merriment, regaling guests with tales of love, life, and the occasional misadventure on the tennis court. His speeches, infused with humor and warmth, became the highlight of every wedding held at the Hotel Vitznauerhof.

So, if you’re in search of a wedding venue that promises whimsy, laughter, and perhaps a sprinkle of tennis magic, look no further than the Hotel Vitznauerhof, where the Federer legacy lives on, and Rog’s speeches are as legendary as his backhand slice.

Thanks so much to wedding planner Nikki Souvenir Weddings, and Emma (video) Story of Your Day, And of course Roger and the rest of the staff at the stunning Hotel Vitznauerhof.

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