titanic hotel wedding photography, liverpool

Titanic Hotel // Rustic Boho Meets Industrial Warehouse

Hannah and Dan were married at the Titanic Hotel at Stanley Docks in Liverpool on a gloriously sunny day in September. So many people say to me, ‘You prefer it cloudy don’t you?’ Well, I don’t, not really. I love the contrast that direct sunlight can give, the mirrorball effect when the sun breaks through a tree canopy and the soft light that can be found in open shade. Whilst it can be harsh, direct sunlight can provide a directional light that can be shaped, if you know how to shape it. It also challenges me to think outside the box, especially during the parts of the wedding day when I have no say in where people stand or sit.

Wedding Photography a the Titanic Hotel

Anyway, the Titanic Hotel din’t have any trees for shade but I really loved the raw industrial textures that provided the backdrop for this brilliant wedding. The buildings have a lot of history and character, having had a variety of uses since opening in 1848. It was pretty cool and I loved being there to shoot it for Hannah and Dan.

wedding day chalkboard
wedding flowers
bride and father, button holes
bride in the car, through windscreen
b ridesmaids, titanic hotel
groom and best man at the titanic in liverpool
violins, string quartet
aisle, entrance of the bride
bride and groom
bride and groom at nuptials, tiatnic hoitel, loverpool
wedding photo, black and white
smiling bride
big windows at the wedding
happy couple
kids playing
ushers and bridesmaids, liverpool
table decor, centrepieces, flowers, rustic
rum warehouse
hard light, dining tables
toasts and speeches, groom
grooms speech
kissing, bride and groom portrait
portrait with lights, titanic hotel wedding
first dance, dance floor, groom and bride, photo
bokeh, dance, band, warehouse wedding
danceing, first dance, last dance, bokeh balls
big room dance floor with band
screaning and shouting at the band
crowd dancing
guitars, drumns, band, dance floor
singing ushers
glass of wine, dance

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