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You'll find all sorts of stuff here: different types of wedding galleries, advice for wedding planning, my personal blog posts, and blog posts on other random topics.

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Capesthorne Hall wedding photographer Steven Rooney gives his take on a fantastic day against the background of sun, rain, and fireworks. I’ve been looking forward to being a Capesthorne Hall Wedding Photographer for some time. It’s one of few venues that I’d be happy working at every single week and I’d never get bored. This […]

Raindrops at Capesthorne Hall Isn’t it ironic? No, it’s not. It’s pretty typical of weddings in England in the summer! This image was taken using the canon 600 rt speedlite system. A couple of speedlites behind the couple and just a little ambient light from the front. And a cool couple who didn’t really mind […]

Boom! – Jess and Phil at Capesthorne Hall. More to follow. Update – More images from this wedding can be seen here capesthorne hall wedding photographer

In this short video I go through a basic edit of a bridal preparation image in Adobe Lightroom 6. Using my own preset as well as a few gradients. The image is from the wedding of Hayley and Ben in Manchester. Adobe Lightroom Gradients For more like this, check out my patreon page