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When I photograph weddings I’m well aware that I’m a stranger to most people on a very important day. For me to get the best photographs I can possible get for any couple it’s important that I can create a rapport with them and the wedding guests very quickly. I like to get in close for more impactive photographs and wait for those key moments and reactions. But if people aren’t comfortable with me being about then it’s not going to work. The job of creating the rapport begins well before the wedding. Even with documentary photographe there is a lot to be said for the input of the photographer and his or her influence on the resulting photographs. It’s a two way thing. So when the opportunity arose to shoot part of a family wedding I know it would be a lot of fun as no one would bat an eyelid if I put a camera in there face or if they saw me climbing through the bushes ninja style to get a better shot.

This wedding is the first family wedding I’ve been to in a while and I couldn’t leave my camera behind, especially as Sally and the kids were also there. I dint’ photograph everything but I was glad I was able to capture some of the day for Sammy and Adam. The wedding event spanned 2 days and we camped out next to the tipi listening to live music, playing on the bouncy castle, eating and drinking… and being hungover.

Here are a couple of frames for now but I’ll be posting more soon.

Tipi Wedding
gate crasher

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