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I had been looking forward to the opportunity to be a Shropshire Wedding Photographer for some time. The wedding of Alastair and Jess was an incredible day with more raucous laughter than you can shake a stick at. But it’s the moments in between the moments that interest me the most. The little looks between people during speeches, the quiet chat with a close friend for a bit of support or the way that the bridesmaids look out for the bride even when she might not even be aware of it. It’s these things that I thing really make weddings what they are. The people who come together in support of a couple who want to do this wonderful thing in front of the people they love. When so many people rally round and show genuine affection for a couple, something happens which almost electrifies the air. Weddings are like no other event. They are like moments stuck in time which are so far removed from the stresses and strains of daily life that for a brief moment, people open up and show what it means to be human. It’s a time where it’s easy to see the best in people and to have faith that the goodies will always win. So here’s to all of the brides and grooms that I’ve ever shot. Thanks for keeping it real and restoring my faith in humanity week after week.

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Alastair and Jess were married at St. Mary’s in Kinnerley and their marquee reception was just across the road at Kinnerley parish hall. It was a joyously rustic occasion with bright and natural summery decor which matched the mood and feel of the whole wedding. The speeches were the stuff of legend, but I would expect nothing less from a group of speech writers.  The party continued into the evening and as the light dwindled, the band played on into the night.

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