The Heath House Wedding Photography // Sophie and Toby

I’m very excited to be able to post a small selection of Heath House Wedding Photography from the Wedding of Sophie and Toby in Staffordshire.

It was a day filled with nerves and emotion. Sophie and Toby are a great couple who wanted nothing more on their wedding day than to be together and share the celebration with their friends and family. This is what they waned me to capture, more than the bring line ups and forced poses that people associate with wedding photography.

It’s this kind of photography that I love to shoot and something that takes a while to settle into on the day. To photograph a wedding in such a way that you’re going to do it justice and produce images that the couple can relate to you need to constantly think about what you’re doing. Any given situation on the wedding day can be photographed from a number of angles with emphasis on one or many subjects or objects. It’s the photographers job to work out what’s going on and who is involved. It’s then for the photographer to decide how to depict this particular part of the day considering what will look good in a photograph and also what photographs might be important for the bride and groom. The photographer has the responsibility of telling the story as it might appear from the point of view of the bride and groom.

The Heath House Wedding Photography

What can I say about the Heath House other than it’s absolutely stunning, inside and out. The light is great wherever you look. From a photography point of view I was really looking forward to shooting here and it didn’t dissapoint.

So here are  few frames from Sophe and Toby’s wedding at the Heath House in Staffordshire. An absolute joy to photograph

The Heath House (6)
The Heath House (4)
The Heath House (9)
The Heath House (5)
The Heath House (7)
The Heath House (8)
ready to go
entrance of the bride
staffordshire wedding
the heath house
too much confetti!
The Heath House (19)
the heath house wedding photography
heath house wedding
b and g
the heath house wedding photography
the heath house wedding photography
first dance

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