Cassie and Brian – St. Nicholas and the Racquet Club

St Nicholas’ Church stands proud among the iconic buildings of Liverpool’s skyline and sits in the centre of a bustling part of the city. The gardens provide a relative calm from the fast paced life in an area full of offices and big business. Well, that was until Cassie and Brian arrived. This wedding was so much fun. Surrounded buy their nearest and dearest Cassie and Brian’s wedding was a celebration enjoyed by all. As a documentarist I was completely drawn in by the occasion and the love shown for these two by all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding party so happy for a couple, from the parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents to the most distant relative and casual work colleague, everyone was celebrating and raising a glass for these two lovely people. It’s one of those weddings where I wish I wasn’t driving, as the party in the Racquet Club was just getting going as I headed off.  Being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer I’m lucky to be able to have such a vibrant city to work in with so many instantly recognisable buildings that are famous the world over. It’s a city that has always had it’s plus points but like many city centres is now more vibrant than ever before.

During the afternoon we had a chance, to take a look inside the Royal Liver Building which is a stones throw from the wedding reception at the Racquet Club.

So here’s a selection of my favourite images from the day. Thanks to Cassie and Brian for letting me share the love! …

Groom at church
laughing in st nicholas' church liverpool
wedding service
bride's family
from the balcony
congratulations during signing the register
exit of the bride and groom
gardens at st. nicholas church
royal liver building
liver buildings
Liverpool Wedding Photos
Dalek straw
first dance
drag the shutter dance shots
Racquet Club
party in the racquet club

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