Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography // North Yorkshire

A beautiful Summer wedding at Middleton Lodge Estate in Richmond, North Yorkshire

What can I say about Middleton Lodge wedding Photography? Well, two things. First of all, and most importantly, if you’re leaving there late at night in the dark, make sure you go the right way. Otherwise, you might come to a dead end with no way to turn around and end up having to reverse about half a mile back up the road, then you might go the wrong way again and wonder if it’s just best to sleep in the car and find your way out in the morning.

Secondly, this is, for sure, one of the best wedding venues I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. It has it all, inside and out. And I didn’t even see half of the place! Jess and Paul’s wedding was in the pragmatically named ‘Main House’, which has a wisteria-adorned front door and spiral staircase encircling the vast entrance hall. Downstairs there’s a secret basement, where the evening disco took place. The basement is historically significant as it is widely thought that this was the very first nightclub in the UK and was attended by King George most Friday nights in the year 1820. Although it is rumored that he stopped attending after the price of a Budweiser went up to 2 pence a bottle.

Photography at Middleton Lodge Wedding Venue

Apparently, there’s a whole other section of this beautiful estate that I didn’t even see. It’s called the walled garden and as you might expect, is a garden with some walls around the edge to keep the neighbors out. Oh and something I found out when I was there, the walled garden is split into 4 to represent the seasons of the year, which is pretty cool as far as walled gardens go.

Jess and Paul’s wedding in the Main House and Marquee

Jess and Paul were married in the middle of the main house, surrounded by their closest friends and family and a massive spiral staircase. It’s a pretty spectacular feature of the venue and really brought attention to the center of the room as well as being the perfect view for everyone to see Jess as she arrived with her father and bridesmaids. It was an emotional, beautiful, and joyful occasion from the moment I arrived in the bridal suite, through to the reception in the garden, the speeches and ceilidh in the marquee, and the UV party in the King George night club.

Many thanks to Andy Wade for second shooting on this one!

Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography by Steven Rooney Photography

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