Best of Portraits 2021

If you follow my work you’ll know that most of what I shoot is Documentary, reportage, photojournalism, or whatever you want to call it. You can see my Best of Documentary 2021 post here. But I also love to shoot creative portraits using both natural light and flash.

It’s not just two people headbutting in a field at sunset.

These images really don’t take long to create. Some are more abstract and shot in the name of art and creativity, and some contain real connection and reaction which I feel really elevates the images above two people headbutting in a field, which was the number one wedding portrait trend in 2019.

My portrait sessions do contain a huge mix of different types of photographs. We do quite a lot of messing about and being silly, but I also like to create an environment where couples can be alone in the quiet for a few minutes, be together and take it all in. My mission moving into 2022 is to photograph relationships, reactions, and connection in my portraits. I’m sure I’ll get carried away from time to time with the size of my bokeh balls, and little silhouettes, but 2022 is about reconnecting. So I for one will be saying no to wooden wedding photography and you should too!

For the lovers, the dreamers…. and me.

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