destination wedding in poland

A Destination Wedding in Poland // Laurie and Tosh

From time to time I get to go to amazing places and shoot amazing Destination Weddings. This was one of those. We flew from Liverpool to Krakow and drove to Zakopane. We spent a few days there as family ahead of the wedding and spent some time with the wedding party. We were made to feel very welcome and had a great time. Zakopane in Poland is not one of those places that most people would usually consider for a holiday, but it’s certainly a place that I would recommend. It has stunning scenery, plenty of history and tons of culture. It’s somewhere we’ll be visiting again one day. Anyway, here are the photos!

destination wedding in poland
bride and family outside the church in zakopane
church in poland destination wedding
photo of a photo at the wedding
portraits on the mountain
arriving at the reception in zakopane
destination wedding in poland
speeches at the reception
sheeps cheese and cranberry sauce
night time at the wedding reception
dancing and partying
wedding photographer

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