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Wedding Photography Training, workshops and mentoring

Wedding Photography Training, Workshops and Mentoring

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Go from Zero to Hero with your flash in a day.

HEIST BANK – Paddington 6th OCTOBER 2021 9.30am until 5pm – Lunch and drinks included.

COST: £295 or £240 for Patreon members (membership is £4 per month, see bleow)


This isn’t one of those workshops where you just watch someone taking photos. It’s taught from the ground up, starting with the basics and covering lighting theory and a breakdown of how different variables affect flash and ambient exposure. It will give you the skill to use flash in any situation and apply the knowledge to be creative and use flash in line with your existing style of photography. It will enable you to improve your overall photography offering, stand out from the crowd and charge more for your work. Check out the testimonials below to see how this course has helped other photographers.

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Course summary

The course has a creative theme, and I talk about creativity, serendipity and getting off the path of least resistance to open your mind to the creative process.

Starting with basic flash exposure theory, we’ll look at how and when to use flash throughout the wedding day. Moving on to practical demonstrations and live shooting to produce portraits using creative techniques.

This course is designed for photographers of any ability who wish to improve their photography by learning how to use flash properly and move on to using it creatively. Previous experience using flash is not necessary as we start from the beginning.

Equipment needed

An open mind, a camera, lens and at least one flash that can be triggered remotely from the camera. Grids if you have them.

Off Camera Flash Workshop

6th October 2021 – Paddington, London

Learning step by step from the ground up. Everything you need to get started and create hero images with off-camera flash.


Aaron StorySpoiler Alert: This course was a game-changer! When it came to flash (more specifically off-camera flash) it’s fair to say I was clueless. I had my general ‘go-to’ settings, but I had no creative know-how, actually, truth be told; the thought of using a flash under tricky lighting conditions used to worry me a little.. That was until I went to Steven’s workshop. On the day Steven didn’t hold back. He shared all of his secrets and tips and by the end, I felt informed and empowered. We covered off the theory (which was very interesting), but it’s not until we went practical that the information really started to make sense. I left with a fresh passion for OCF and it’s potential, and I’m truly excited to see what it can bring to my portfolio. I think this course is perfectly suited to any wedding photography from starter to professional. The pace is just right to allow everybody to ask questions and work on their skills in real-time, and the immediate feedback from Steven is invaluable. A big thanks to Steven, I’m really grateful for your enthusiasm and passion. 

Rob Dight Epic Love Photography – I love learning, in particular, I love learning from people who are experts, I would consider Steve an expert when it comes to OCF. It was a pleasure to sit and listen to someone who clearly is an excellent practitioner when it comes to this area of photography. What I loved about this workshop is that as soon as Steve gave us any theory, he then got his camera out and demonstrated what he had just explained, we then got an opportunity to have a go ourselves. This sort of hands-on learning is the fastest way to grasp something new. Steve’s depth of knowledge on this subject is unreal, the guy knows his stuff and more importantly, he makes amazing photographs with that knowledge. So much OCF stuff, in my opinion, looks awful but Steve’s images are just incredible. I left the workshop, feeling inspired and confident that I could use OCF and make images that I’d be proud of. It was money well spent. Thank you, Steve.

Mona AliLoved the workshop which was well worth attending – Steve gave lots of very practical easy to understand advice on how he uses OCF creatively – in simple ways with just one light and more complex ways with several. And it’s not gobbledegook or over technical!

Steven is at the top of his game when it comes to the use of OCF. There was so much to learn and I will adopt certain parts into the way i approach weddings. If you want to learn from one of the masters go on this course! Andrew Griffiths

I have wanted to improve my off-camera flash skills at weddings for a while. Steve showed me how he uses OCF at weddings and how it’s achievable to create incredible shots with minimal setup. Steve knows the subject inside out and he shares all his ‘magic’ on the course. I cannot wait to shoot my next wedding and to apply what I have learned. If you want to improve your OCF skills, book on this course! James Tracey

Steve’s OCF workshop was absolutely brilliant. Really good theoretical content, great tips for the wedding day and a good chance to try some stuff in practice. Highly recommended! 🙂 Andy Zofka

I try to attend at least 2-3 workshops a year to improve myself and to push my wedding photography business to the next level, so far, Steven Rooney’s workshop stands head and shoulders above them all, from purely a hands on and learning point of view. If you are looking to gain more confidence in using Off-camera flash your search is over. Steven Fearless Rooney is the go-to man to learn more about off-camera flash!… Fact!

Mark Crayden Photography 

I attended this workshop as both of us were really struggling to understand how flash works. We watched tonnes of YouTube videos but never really understood what to do. Steven explained flash in such a sensible clear manner that enabled me to understand how it works. You can only build on something from the ground up, when you know how it works. I now feel that we can put this into practice and build on the knowledge. So excited to get the speed lights and lots of bits n bobs out to create effects now! And have been putting some of the LR/Photoshop bits into action as well. Well presented, clear and have recommended the workshop to lots of photographer friends!

Alison from Alison Paul Photography

Steve delivered a course that was both interesting and fun whilst at the same time really well structured and thought out. I came away from the course feeling more confident and keen to try some new ideas out. Would 100% recommend.

Dave Ball Photography

LONDON Wednesday 23rd October – Sold Out

MANCHESTER, Venue: Impossible Theatre, Peter Street. Wednesday 6th March 2019 Sold out

LONDON, Venue: Heist Bank, Paddington. Thursday 14th March 2019  Sold out

BELFAST, Venue: The Black Box. Tuesday 2nd April 2019 sold out

MANCHESTER – 22nd MARCH 2018 – Sold Out

LONDON – 28th MARCH 2018 – Sold Out

MANCHESTER – 22nd MARCH 2018 – Sold out

EDINBURGH – 18th APRIL 2018 Sold Out

BARCELONA – 11th APRIL 2018 External provider

NORTHERN IRELAND – Learning to Fly Retreat

BIRMINGHAM – 25th October 2017 Sold Out

LONDON – 18th October 2017 Sold Out

Manchester – 21st April 2017 Sold Out

Manchester 10th March 2017 Sold Out

Manchester 21st October 2016 Sold Out

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A few frames taken at the last few workshops by me and other delegates during the practical session on the day…

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