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Bristol Wedding Photographer- A Humanist Wedding

I’m not actually a Bristol Wedding Photographer, I only mentioned that for SEO reasons. But I do love photographing weddings in Bristol and I’m very happy to cover weddings in Brzzle or in fact any wedding venues in Gloucestershire or the South East.

Fiona and Will’s non-traditional, harry potter themed humanist wedding was brilliant in many ways. They stuck to their guns, organised much of the wedding themselves and even helped out in the kitchen! I started off at Fiona and Will’s flat in Bristol and moved on to the Clifton Suspension Bridge to meet the groom and ushers. We were later joined by the bridal party and made our way to Bristol Register Office on Corn Street in the city centre for the formal nuptials. But this was just a tick box exercise. The real wedding ceremony was still to come.

A Humanist Wedding at Barrow-Gurney Village Hall

The humanist wedding was the part of the day they had been looking forward to, with some great humanist traditions including handfasting and jumping over a broom. This was followed by a great barbecue wedding breakfast, free bar, pies for supper, and a Ceilidh. what more could you want from a wedding!?

What I love about Humanist Weddings in Bristol

For me, the great thing about humanist and celebrant-led weddings is how personal they can be. You can say what you like, involve guests and have it wherever you like! Whilst most couples who opt for a humanist wedding still get married by a registrar, many are now placing less importance on this as they see it as rigid and outdated. I for one am looking forward to a relaxation on the rules surrounding where weddings can take place.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed viewing this selection of Bristol wedding photography from a great day which was a real team effort!

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